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Welcome to Digital Sims! Hi, hi, and hello! I'm your host Lindsical (or as I'm known in the Sims community, Starz).

The items I'm uploading here are items that I've tried numerous times to upload to MTS but have failed to get them approved. They're real picky, me... not so much.

So onto the rules.

1 > Every zip file I post onto here will be hosted on a free file service website. I cannot afford a dedicated server so if the file goes down please don't complain. I'm sorry.

2 > In every zip file there is a file called "Not Your Average Read Me.txt". I suggest you read it.

3 > That being said in clothing zips, there will be either a "Mesh Info.txt" or a "Maxis Mesh Info.txt". These files are just to remind you of what mesh you'll need for the clothing.

4 > All custom content is provided as-is. I have three different beta testers who have different expansion packs. They've not complained about my stuff. I'm not responsible for a computer meltdown.

5 > Please do not alter my work and redistribute it.

6 > Do not steal my work and claim it as your own. That's just rude.

7 > All content is the intellectual property of me (Lindsical/Starz) unless otherwise stated. It may not be redistributed, re-posted on pay websites, or otherwise modified/used for any other than personal purposes.

8 > You must be a member of this community to see the download posts. Sorry.